Panis Angelicus


This worshipful tune for SS or TT (or Boychoir) is an ideal way to feature a vocal group with your band, ideal for Christmas or Easter concerts.


Panis Angelicus for 2 Voices (SS or TT) and Band

By Cesar Franck, arrangement by David P. Miller

NOW AVAILABLE for purchase and download!

This work was premiered on December 22, 2013, with the Mississippi Boychoir and the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band.

Includes parts for full symphonic band, and a piano-voice score as well as the full and condensed band scores.

Below are some program notes you can use if you wish:

Saint Thomas Aquinas, who died in 1274, wrote these words in his hymn “Sacris Solemniis” for the Feast of Corpus Christi. Centuries later, in 1872, Cesar Franck set the words from this hymn for tenor, harp, cello, and organ, and incorporated this new music into his Mass, opus 12.Tonight, we are delighted to have joining us the (singing group name), singing Panis Angelicus with the band. Don’t worry if you can’t understand the words – they will be singing in Latin.

(Include this if being sung by a Boychoir) Boychoirs began in the cathedrals of Europe over fifteen hundred years ago. They added the prepubescent male voice ranges to hymns, since at that time women were banned from the performance of sacred music. Boychoirs have become a Euro-American tradition over the centuries, with the Vienna Boychoir being the most well known example.

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