Star Spangled Banner Noblé


A straightforward version of The National Anthem of the USA, with just enough differences to keep it interesting for both players and audience. Can be performed with or without singing.


Sometimes, you just want a straightforward version of the Star Spangled Banner, one that is exactly what people expect, but you want just enough “little bit of extra pizzazz” to keep it interesting.

This is that version.

This tune is priced affordably for anyone, but it is also available for free if you purchase any of our other PATRIOTIC category offerings. If you order one of those tunes and wish to get this one for free, just use our CONTACT form and ask. We’ll send it right out to you.

This arrangements is one of the very first published offerings by Silver Clef Music, and was one of the very first band arrangements ever by this arranger, who did it for a high school band with whom he was working at the time. When the directors of other high school bands heard this arrangement being played, they hurried over to our director, asking, “That Star Spangled Banner arrangement you just played? Where can I get a copy?”

Please note – we will include this arrangement for FREE when you purchase our musical setting of “The Pledge Of Allegiance” (or any other listing in our Patriotic Category). That listing will be posted soon here. If you can’t wait, just get in touch with us and ask for it.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band playing the Star Spangled Banner Noblé on May 16, 2015.


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