U.S. Navy Band Recording Session

We Want Your Recording!

Silver Clef Music is ALWAYS looking for new, good recordings of the tunes in our catalog.

If you have or wish to make such a recording, please let us know about it.

You Can Be Featured on the Silver Clef Website

The bottom line is that if we feel your recording is better than the one we currently have for any particular work, then we will (a) feature your recording as the primary demo recording of that work on our website, along with any attribution you want to go along with it – such as “This recording is provided by the Heffenstomper University Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Donald Eider. Recording edited by Heffenstomper University Media Services.”

ALSO, (b) We will credit your account with the full purchase price of the work in that recording, such that you will be able to use that credit towards any future purchase. If you would like another work that is more expensive than the one you recorded, use our CONTACT US form to email and ask. Chances are we’ll say okay.

Questions? Just ask!

Recording Criteria

First, we need LIVE recordings. We love to hear our works played by a live ensemble/person, in front of a live audience.

Second, we prefer video to audio, but we will take a well-produced audio in preference to an amateur video.

Third, the audio of the recording should be well-produced. This means the audio should be clear, free from audience noise, environmental noise (such as air conditioners, traffic, etc.), and amplified to 0dB. It should also be moderately normalized, such that we can hear the quiet passages, but so that the quiet passages still sound quiet, and the loud parts have no distortion.

Fourth, the video, if applicable, should also be well-produced. The ideal video has multiple camera angles, audio as in criterion 3 above, steady camera shots, title and trailer clips of two to five seconds, and all extraneous material edited out. This means that as soon as the title clip fades, the music should start right away.

Videos are not required to have all qualities listed above, but the more of them your video has, the more likely it is to become our featured video.

If you have other questions, please use our CONTACT US page to ask.