The Birthday of a King


Written for a famous operatic tenor, this worshipful and familiar tune brings your singer’s talents to your audience.

Carefully scored for tenor or soprano with concert band, this tune will delight audiences and players alike.


This deligghtful and peaceful song celebrating the birth of Christ was written by William Neidlinger in 1896. Neidlinger was a composer, conductor, and the organist at St. Michael’s church in New York City in the 1890s. He studied music in London in 1898, and taught voice in Paris in 1901, and in Chicago on his return to the United States later that year, where he was renowned as one of the most prominent voice teachers in that city.

The set of parts includes a Solo Part in Bb, so you can rehearse this tune using a trumpet player to perform the solo so the band can hear how their parts work with the solo part. It is also possible to have the trumpet player perform in a concert, although you would lose the poignancy of the words of this beloved tune.

This work was premiered by Dr. Bill Martin of the Western Carolina University music faculty (now retired) on Dec 12, 2010. We are very sad we do not have a recording of that performance, but it was performed again in 2012 by Mr. Steve Hyland. The video below is of that performance.

If you have a tenor or soprano singer you would like to feature with your band, you should get this piece for your library.


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