I’m An Angel Just In Time For Christmas


A feature for child singer and concert band; this work will delight both players and audiences. The premiere of this tune got a long standing ovation from a large audience.


This delightful tune is ideal for featuring a child singer with your concert band. While the target child singer for this tune would be about a 9-year-old girl, in reality any child – or even a childish adult – could sing the solo part.

The tune and lyrics evoke those complex emotions a child feels as Christmas approaches, knowing they haven’t been quite as good as they should have been, but hoping that Santa will overlook this anyway, and bring them the presents they want.

The premiere performance of this tune in 2006 got a wonderfully long and enthusiastic standing ovation from a large audience; you will be able to see why below in the video of this performance.

Here are some suggestions for some program or narrator notes to introduce this tune:

We have now another real treat for you in tonight’s program.Not only do we have a wonderfully delightful tune to play for you, “I’m An Angel Just In Time For Christmas,” we also have a genuine little angel to sing it for you.

[Insert short bio of singer here]

I’m sure you’ll all identify with this musical description of how every child feels at this time of year. We have all been there ourselves. I dare say, some of us still are!

Ladies and Gentlemen, our very own angel, [insert singer’s name here], singing the new song, I’m An Angel Just In Time For Christmas.


Your purchase includes parts for full concert/symphonic band, a Full Score, a Condensed Score, a Piano-Voice Score suitable for singer rehearsals, and a Lyrics Sheet with the words to the song.

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