Program Notes for Alamo March

Composer: Will Huff (Henry Fillmore)
Arranger: David P. Miller
Published by: Silver Clef Music Publishing, Inc.
Year: 1916, arr. 2016

One hundred eighty years ago, in 1836, the Republic of Texas was waging war against Mexico for their independence. The pivotal battle of this war was the 13-day siege of the Alamo, a former Spanish religious outpost and makeshift fort on the San Antonio River in south central Texas. It was astounding that the 200-odd mostly-civilian Texans inside the Alamo held out so long against an estimated 6,000 troops of the Mexican army, before finally being overrun on March 6.

One hundred years [adjust as needed] ago, famous composer and bandleader Henry Fillmore wrote a tribute march to this event, using the pen name Will Huff.

Arranger David Miller, found a 1916 printing of this march, and wanted to program it in recognition of this historic date, but the instrumentation of bands 100 years ago doesn’t fit with what we put on the stage today, so he arranged this march for the modern concert band.

Enjoy with us now, ladies and gentlemen, this modern band setting of Henry Fillmore’s tribute to an icon of American history, Alamo March.