Alamo March


Alamo March by Henry Fillmore (writing as Will Huff), scored for modern concert band by David P. Miller

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by Will Huff (pseudonym for Henry Fillmore), arranged by David P. Miller

This march was originally published in 1916, one hundred years before this arrangement was created.

The original march was on march-size paper and had only a Db piccolo part, no flute parts, a single alto sax parts, Eb horn parts, and only a bass clef baritone horn part.

This march has now been completely rescored for today’s modern concert band, including parts for all standard band instruments. Additionally, the dynamics, articulations, and phrase markings have been homogenized throughout the score and the parts, and rehearsal measure numbers have been added. Finally, the march is formatted to print on two pages of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper, so it is much easier to read.

In the dogfight strain, Huff (Fillmore) wrote the same phrase three times in a row, then did it again in the second half of the dogfight strain. This grated on  my sense of propriety and I was tempted to change the middle phrase a bit, just to give it some variety. I had a good idea for what to put there, too. However, after much deliberation, I decided to leave it the way he wrote it, so as to be as true as possible to the original writing.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band performing this march on March 5, 2016, the day before “Alamo Day.”

You can see the PROGRAM NOTES for this work in our Program Notes Repository. These notes were written to be used in 2016.

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