Fairgreen March


This delightful and happy march will bring a smile to the faces of your audience – and your band! This would be a great opener for either the first or second half of your concert.

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by David P. Miller, in a setting for modern concert band

In 2010, I was driving to visit my Mom in Florida, and as frequently happens with anyone who writes music, this tune began sounding insistently in my head.

By the time I arrived in New Smyrna Beach, the tune was fully formed, and about the second thing I did after greeting my Mom was to grab my portfolio with manuscript paper and write the tune down (before it got away).  Three days later, the entire band arrangement was done … except for the title.

Sometimes the most difficult thing about a new piece of music is finding a title. I looked around and saw my Mom lived in a community named “Fairgreen Estates.” Why not. So now we have “Fairgreen March.”

The march is a happy and fun tune, and was a hit with the band and with the audience.

We hope you and your band have as much fun with it as we have had.

The difficulty of this march is a moderate Grade III.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band performing this march on October 7, 2017.

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