The Pledge Of Allegiance


Celebrate your Patriotism at your next concert by featuring a solo singer or choir with your band, in this unique musical setting of the Pledge of Allegiance.


A Musical Setting of the United States Pledge of Allegiance, for Concert Band with Voice(s)

Suitable either for solo singer or a full choir or quartet, with or without soloist, accompanied by concert band.

This tribute to our country and our pledge was written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the writing of the pledge, in 1992.

The pledge itself was written in 1892 by socialist preacher Francis Bellamy, who hoped this pledge could be used by any country.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band playing the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Star Spangled Banner Noblé on May 16, 2015. The singer is Kathy Baxter Gautier.

This arrangement would be rated Grade 2 except for the fact that the first trumpet goes up to high C in the introduction. That’s the only thing that makes it a Grade 3.


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