RONDO for HORNS and Concert Band


FINALLY! Your Horn section gets their opportunity to SHINE as a featured ensemble with your band. Based on a typical “horn call” as the main theme, and being somewhat challenging while remaining playable, your horn players will be delighted to play this tune with your band.

This brand new (First Quarter 2020) feature for Four French Horns and Concert Band will give your horn section their opportunity to SHINE!

Horn players are rarely given the opportunity to be featured players with a band, and a horn quartet has even less opportunity. Rondo for Horns and Concert Band will change that.

The minimum number of players is four, but you can play this with any number of horns -- up to as many as you can fit on your stage!

There are additional horn parts to be played within the ensemble, but those parts are optional, as they are doubled by the alto saxes.

This means you can put ALL your horns up front to be featured, or you can - in the mode for which this piece was written - bring in guest soloists like high school students to be featured with your band.

Here's the story behind how and why this work was composed: Central Mississippi Horn Teacher Betsy Landers had four of her Horn students try out for the Mississippi Lions Band for the school year 2019-2020.

In Mississippi, the Lions Band is the All-State band, with students from all over the state competing for the limited spots in the band, and believe it - the competition for these spots is fierce.

This season, there were 48 students from all over the state trying out for the 8 horn slots in the band.

Betsy had four of her students try out for the band, and in an eye-opening, jaw-dropping  happening, ALL FOUR of them made the band. As far as we know, it is unprecedented for one teacher to have her students comprise 50% of any (large) section in the Lions Band.

To recognize Betsy and her outstanding students, Rondo for Horns and Concert Band came into being. The main theme is specifically written to sound like a quintessential horn call, and the difficulty of the piece is written so as to be playable but still be a fun challenge for All-State-Caliber horn students.

So give a listen to the World Premiere Concert video below, featuring four Horn selectees for the Lions Band, and we know you'll want to get this tune to feature your own horn players. Add this tune to your library today!


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