Christmas Magic


This is a delightful medley of three hymns celebrating that magical night two thousand years ago: “Shepherds’ Watch,” “The Kings’ Caravan,” and “Go Tell!” This is a fun and gentle challenge for the band, and will fit perfectly into your Christmas repertoire.


CHRISTMAS MAGIC for Concert Band by David P. Miller is a poignant medley of three hymns depicting that magical night two thousand years ago.

The medley was conceived while running through some mental variations on “We Three Kings,” coming up with a wonderfully vivid musical portrayal of camels journeying across the desert at night, The musical imagery was so vivid, I knew it had to be put into an arrangement for band. And so it forms the basis for the second of the three hymns included in this medley.

After quite a bit of working through other hymns in a search to find exactly the perfect tunes to complement “The Kings’ Caravan” (We Three Kings), I decided to begin the medley with the peaceful quiet of starlight on the hillside, with “Shepherds Watch” (While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night), move from there into “Kings’ Caravan,” and wind it up with the inspiringly celebrational “Go Tell!” (Go Tell It On The Mountain).

Each tune is set in its own unique manner for band, and will provide wonderful fun for the band to play and will delight your audience.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band playing this tune in December 2014:

This tune is a moderate Grade 3. It would be an easy grade 3, except the range for clarinets and trumpets doesn’t always stay in the “easy” classification, and the last section is hard swing in Gb. It’s a bit of a challenge, but only a bit. Enough to make it fun for the players to work up, but well within the capabilities of most bands.

Please see (and use) the PROGRAM NOTES for this medley in our Program Notes Repository.

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