Program Notes for Christmas Magic

Composer: Traditional
Arranger: David P. Miller
Published by: Silver Clef Music Publishing, Inc.
Year: 2014

Our next selection tells the story of the Christmas Miracle in a medley of three popular carols.

First, in “Shepherd’s Watch”, we are taken to the hillside meadows out in the countryside of Judea, where shepherds were watching their flocks by night as the angel descended from heaven to tell them the glorious news of Christ’s birth.

Next, in “The Kings’ Caravan,” we join the three kings of the orient as they ride their camels in their journey to follow the star of wonder to the manger of the miracle.

Finally, in “Go Tell!” we join in the ebullient joy as everyone bursts out into the world to share the news of the miracle, to go tell it on the mountain.

All these tunes come together now in this medley that tells us of Christmas Magic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy with us now David Miller’s celebrational medley, Christmas Magic.