A medley of more than half a dozen tunes makes this exciting medley come alive for your band and audience.


CENTURIONS! is an extensive work for Symphonic Band, comprised of a medley of program music depicting a period in the life of an unspecified Centurion, or ancient soldier.

At just over 13 minutes, this piece does not feel too long, as it is made up of more than half a dozen different tunes, including

  • Fanfare and Entrance of the Centurions
  • Grand March of the Centurions
  • Bivouac
  • Camp Followers’ Dance
  • Final Bivouac
  • Call To Battle
  • Battle Scene
  • The Aftermath
  • Homeland Anthem
  • Homecoming Victory Parade

The music itself presents a moderate challenge to the band, who should find it a fun tune to tackle, and your audience will enjoy the entire work.

Sample program notes follow the video below.

Sample program notes you can use or modify:

Tonight we have for you a major feature on our program, Centurions, This work was written in 2006, with the entire outline of the piece being completed in a mere hour and a half.

This work is program music, music intended to evoke imagery of events and activities. This tune is not intended to bring to mind Centurions of any particular era or nationality, but just a general image of Centurion-type activities.

As you listen to the tune, see if you can pick out the musical events listed in your program, including the Grand March of the Centurions, Bivouac, Camp Followers’ Dance, Battle Scene, The Aftermath, and Homeland Anthem.

CENTURIONS is a fun piece to listen to. We hope you enjoy it.


NOTE: Your download of CENTURIONS comes complete with a FULL score, a COMPRESSED score, and a CONDENSED score to give you the most flexibility in preparing, rehearsing, and performing this piece. Please see our page on Score Types for more information.

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