AFS #04 – River Valley Suite


The fourth volume in the famous American Frontier Suite series brings you five tunes popular in the expanding frontier regions of the USA during the early to middle  nineteenth century.



Volume Four in this series includes five tunes popular in the central river valley regions of the growing United States in the mid-1800s, tunes that form a good part of the cultural background of this country’s musical heritage. The tunes included in this medley are:

  • My Old Kentucky Home — Starting with a trombone solo or section soli, this tune will be instantly recognized and appreciated by just about any age group in your audience. It then grows to a full band rendition of this favorite tune.

  • The Blue-Tail Fly  — Also known as “Jimmy Crack Corn,” this is another tune that is already a favorite of people everywhere; this arrangement features an upbeat version for the chorus, alternating with easy 5/4 segments for the verses; excellent opportunities for players to learn to watch the conductor!

  • Down In The Valley — Played in a fast (one beat) 3/4 time, this tune gives a relaxing interlude between two faster upbeat melodies, and will frequently start the audience singing along with the melody.

  • The Arkansas Traveler — Frequently used as the tune for “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee…” this tune will bring a smile to everyone’s faces, even the players as they find a few melodic surprises in here.

  • Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes — One of the most haunting ballads to come from this time period, this tune makes a fitting conclusion to the medley.

This piece has been carefully scored to be a challenging Grade 3, and would be another ideal piece for state contest lists.

Here is a Scrolling-Score video, illuminating a recording of the premiere performance of this work by the Mississiippi Community Symphonic band on May 7, 2009. Follow along in the score and the MCSB plays this delightful work.

We are currently refining the downloadable file, which means we will need to email this file to you after your purchase. But know the music IS available. If you have any questions, or you believe your purchase is late, please use our CONTACT US page. Thanks!


This work will make an ideal easy-to-master showcase piece for your next concert.

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