The Laughing Trombone (Die Lachende Posaune)


A GREAT way to feature your trombone player, in this delightful feature for trombone with concert band.

This very accessible number provides just the right level of challenge for an intermediate to advanced player, highlighting the unique “slide/smear” capabilities of a trombone.

Totally fun for the audience, the band, the soloist, and even the conductor, this piece is a must-have for your next band concert. Order it today!


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This fun trombone feature was written in Belgium, originally for an Oktoberfest-type band, featuring trumpets, clarinets, tubas, and trombones.

I (David Miller) found this tune when seeking a solo trombone feature for concert band, something that was both fun and accessible to intermediate-to-advanced level players.

In correspondence with the owners of this tune in Belgium, we reached an agreement where I would write the concert band accompaniment and share it with them, in return for their permission to arrange it.

This resulting arrangement is a total delight, and should be a part of the music library for every band that cares about bringng entertainment to their players and audiences.

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