O For A Thousand Tongues – Trombone Quartet


This arrangement of the old standard favorite hymn by Charles Wesley is presented as theme and variations. It will be an excellent addition to your trombone ensemble library.

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This arrangement of the famous hymn by Charles Wesley is presented as a theme and variations, with various parts carrying the melody at different times. The arrangement was written for Dem Bones trombone ensemble in Mississippi.

This arrangement is written to a moderate grade III level of difficulty, with the first part ranging up to the Bb above the staff, and the second part goes as high as the Ab above the staff when it has the melody. As with most trombone ensemble music in this series, the fourth part is written for Bass Trombone, requiring at least an F attachment to enable the player to play the Eb, the D, and the C below the staff.

Here is a computerized rendition of the score. This tune has been played in public, we just didn’t get a recording of it. We would be happy to receive an MP3 or video of a recording of your group playing this piece. If it is a good (accurate) playing of this tune, we will be happy to feature it (and your group) on this page.

This tune is a great addition to your library and will be especially well-received when you play for more mature audiences. Order this tune for your trombone ensemble repertoire today!

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