King Edward Stomp


KING EDWARD STOMP by David P. Miller features solos for trombone, alto sax, and trumpet, and is guaranteed to get your audience tapping their feet and dancing in their seats.

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King Edward Stomp

For 17-piece Jazz Band

by David P. Miller

In 2005, Mr. David Schommer, director of the Mississippi Swing, asked if I could write a theme song for the brand new big band. He speculated it might be a good idea to write a tune to bring attention to the King Edward Hotel, in hopes of spurring its renovation.

Many decades ago, the King Edward Hotel was not only a landmark in Jackson, Mississippi, it was “the place to go” to see and be seen. In 2008, a member of my concert band, who is himself close to 70 years old, told me his mother had her high school senior prom at the King Edward Hotel.

The hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, and declared a Mississippi Landmark in 1990. But sadly, the hotel fell victim to urban blight and decay, and was empty and abandoned for nearly 40 years before a consortium of dedicated historians and investors purchased the property and began renovations.

Today, the King Edward Hotel is fully renovated, and proudly stands as a Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Jackson.

The tune KING EDWARD STOMP has become a favorite of audiences of the Mississippi Swing!, and is played every year in our anniversary concert. It is the title cut on the Swing’s 10th Anniversary CD, released in 2015.

We have rated the difficulty of this tune as a Grade IV, because the lead trumpet part goes up to a high F above the staff. Other than that, there are featured solos for trombone, for alto sax, and for trumpet. There are solos written out in the parts, but the players are, of course, welcome to ad lib their own solos. Following each solo, there is a musical pyramid break to provide for applause for the soloists.

Here is a performance of the tune by the Mississippi Swing. If anyone gets a better recording, please send it to us.


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