Submitting Music to Silver Clef

If you would like to submit your music to Silver Clef Music Publishing for consideration to be published, first be sure you have read our SUBMISSIONS page, then be sure you have read our PDF Formatting Guidelines page.

We are sorry to have to say this, but many people fail to read these pages, and sadly we must reject their submissions. This is unfortunate, because there is a LOT of creativity out there, and it deserves to be spread around. However, there are also a lot of amateurs desperate to promote their material, so if you want your material to be considered (this goes for many publishers besides just Silver Clef), you must first demonstrate you are willing to be professional enough to put in the work necessary to submit your material properly. That means reading and following the guidance.

FIRST SUBMISSIONS: We need an audio of your work – preferably from a live performance – and a properly-formatted score that we can follow while listening to it. We also need at least one instrumental part (if applicable) for an important instrument in your work, usually the first clarinet or first trumpet part for a band work. Put all the PDFs into a ZIP file and include them in the submission form below.

If you HAVE done all this, and you are convinced your work is excellent musically, then we want to hear from you. Please send us your material using the following form. We will get back to you.

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