We are so excited by the release of this exciting new work for band, we would LOVE to hear your band playing this. If you order this for your band, please email us if you can get a recording for us, and we will have a special deal for you.

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The American Frontier Suite Series

The American Frontier Suite Series is a growing number of medleys meant to preserve tunes popular during various eras of American History. This very playable series is accessible by community bands, high school bands, and college wind ensembles.

The Ensemble Concert Book Series

The Ensemble Concert Book Series is a growing set of books intended to allow any group of 5 or more musicans covering the ranges SSATB to grab a book and go play a 45-minute concert by reading through all the tunes in the book.

Program and Narrator Notes

Silver Clef Music is proud to maintain a repository of Program and Narrator notes to help any performing group bring their concerts alive and connect with your audience. If you have some Program or Narrator notes to submit for the repository, we’d love to hear from you!
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