Program Notes for Resplendent Glory

Composer: Rossano Galante
Arranger: Rossano Galante

Resplendent Glory was written by Rossano Galante. Despite his exotic-sounding name, he is a native of Buffalo, New York. He studied with Jerry Goldsmith in the prestigious film scoring program at the University of Southern California. He is well-known for several energetic overtures for band including Resplendent Glory, which we will play for you next.

In 1999 he moved to California to pursue a career in film composition and orchestration. Mr. Galante composed music for the films Channels and The Prince of Venice, among many others and additional music for Scary Movie 2. He has served as orchestrator for many movies including the film The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.

In the work you are about to hear, Galante brings us a luxuriant musical portrait of the sweeping grandeur of our country. In his music, you will experience the sparkling skies, the majestic mountains, the miles of golden grain, the laughing waterways, and all that makes our country so beautiful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy with us now Rossano Galante’s musical tribute to our country’s … Resplendent Glory.