Program Notes for Pearl River March

Composer: David P. Miller
Arranger: David P. Miller
Published by: Silver Clef Music
Year: 2013

Marches have been around as long as there has been organized music. They have evolved from simple tunes meant to accompany military units on the move to being popular dances in the day of John Philip Sousa. His famous “Washington Post” march took the entire world by storm around the turn of the 20th Century, as a two-step dance.

Since then, the march style of music has spawned several sub-genres, to include rags, trombone smears, circus march “screamers,” concert marches, and just plain old ordinary standard-format marches.

This march is one of the latter, a good old standard march. It is named for the river that runs through the composer’s community, because we believe the love of good music should run through all communities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now present David Miller’s original composition, The Pearl River March!