Program Notes for Nearer, My God To Thee

Composer: Herbert L. Clarke
Arranger: Herbert L. Clarke

The haunting hymn, Nearer, My God To Thee, was written in the early 1800s to be part of a collection of tunes by Lowell Mason.

The first publication of this collection did not carry Mason’s name, because he was a bank officer in Savannah, Georgia at the time, and did not want to become known as a musical man.

Interestingly, this collection of his music eventually sold over 50,000 copies.

Herbert L. Clarke was a solo cornetist with John Philip Sousa’s band, and later had his own band. It was for his own band he arranged this moving rendition of Lowell Mason’s most famous hymn.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Herbert L. Clarke’s arrangement of Nearer, My God To Thee.