Program Notes for In Storm and Sunshine

Composer: John C. Heed
Arranger: (composer)

One uniquely American contribution to the genre of march music is the circus march. Usually fast and exciting, circus marches feature bright melodies evoking the thrills and excitement of the big top circus.

In Storm and Sunshine is one of the most enduring circus marches of all time. It was written in 1885 by John Clifford Heed when he was only 23 years old,

Heed was a gifted cornetist and bandmaster from New Jersey. It is uncertain whether Heed wrote In Storm and Sunshine specifically for a circus, but it is definitely a circus favorite, having been played many times under the big top. It is the best known of Heed’s 60 marches.

Enter with us now the world of the Big Top as we play for you John C. Heed’s exciting march, In Storm and Sunshine.