Program Notes for His Honor

Composer: Henry Fillmore
Arranger: Henry Fillmore

Henry Fillmore was born in 1881. During his 75 years, he became one of the most prolific writers of band music who ever lived. With more than 1,000 works to his credit, he averaged almost two compositions or arrangements per month for his entire life.

To his father’s dismay, he became a trombone player, despite his father’s conviction that the trombone was an instrument “just too evil for any righteous person to play.

As an author, Fillmore wrote under a number of different names, including Harold Bennett, Ray Hall, Harry Hartley, Al Hayes … and the funniest: Henrietta Hall.

He even used the name Will Huff, even though there was another man whose real name was Will Huff, who also wrote music and lived in the same area.

Fillmore wrote over 250 original works, among them the march you are about to hear. His Honor was written in 1933, and was dedicated to Russell Wilson, the Mayor of Cincinnati from 1930-1937.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Henry Fillmore’s His Honor March.