Program Notes for El Choclo

Composer: Villoldo
Arranger: Robert Longfield

The tune known as El Choclo is one of those tunes that no one knows by name, but everyone has heard. It is also known as Argentine Tango, and as Kiss of Fire in its cha-cha form.

“El Choclo” is not a Spanish or Portuguese phrase, but rather comes from a native South American language, and refers to “a sweet ear of corn.”

What does an ear of corn have to do with a dance? Legend has it that about the time the tango was making a big splash in Argentina, there was a local roué who stole the hearts of all the young ladies of the time. This rake had bright yellow hair, the same color as corn, and so became known as “El Choclo.” The rumor is that this dance music was named after him.

Robert Longfield served as director of bands at Florida’s Miami Palmetto high school. He is a prolific arranger of popular music for band, and he has another hit with this one.

Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Longfield’s arrangement of the popular Argentine tango, El Choclo.