Program Notes for Chimes of Liberty

Composer: Edwin Franko Goldman
Arranger: Edwin Franko Goldman

The Chimes of Liberty is a march by Edwin Franko Goldman. This march is his greatest hit.  It has been called a re-working of the “Liberty Bell” march by John Philip Sousa, probably because like “Liberty Bell” its instrumentation calls for a unique use of chimes.

This march was written prior to 1922, when Goldman recorded it for the Victor Talking Machine Company, but he revised it at least once before publishing the 1937 edition which is still in use today.

It is considered one of the most lively and tuneful marches ever written, and one of America’s greatest marches. Besides the chimes, the piccolo is equally important in this work, and is more distinctive than the piccolo part of any other march other than The Stars and Stripes.

Ladies and gentlemen, Edwin Franko Goldman’s The Chimes of Liberty.