Spanish Serenade


Composer David Miller brings you this all-original work, written in a fiery Spanish-flanmenco style. With a bit of challenge, this tune should not take long to master, and it will be fun for players and audience alike.


Can’t get enough of the driving rhythms of Spanish-style music?

Then you need to try this exciting and fun-to-play tune, “Spanish Serenade,” by composer David Miller.

So where did the inspiration for this tune come from? That is both easy and difficult to say. Those of you who write music understand how it is that there are tunes gonig through your mind all the time.

You will hear one snippet of melody, run it through your mind in a million different ways until it is a totally different tune. Then you set it in a different style, and voila! A new composition is born.

So it was with Spanish Serenade. It began with a Spanish-themed flamenco-type rhythm, added some chords, and the melody simply flowed out of that.
Later, some of the band members who played it said the tune stayed with them for weeks. When you cannot get a melody out of your head, does that mean it’s a good one? You’ll have to be the judge of that.

The Mississippi Community Symphonic Band was invited to be the very first community band ever to be asked to play at the Mississippi Bandmasters’ Association clinic, in Natchez in December of 2011. During that clinic, the band played this number.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band performing Spanish Serenade on December 8, 2011.

If you like, here are some program notes you can use. However, here’s fair warning: it was quite difficult to write program notes for a Spanish-style piece written in Mississippi, so these program notes are mostly tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek in nature.

From the mariachi cantinas and bullfighting rings of deepest central Mississippi, we bring you now the exciting sounds of authentic Mississippi Spanish music.

Filled with the exciting undercurrent of fiery flamenco rhythms, and overlaid with the heart-rending melodies of a lovelorn Don Juan crying out in song for his beloved señorita, entreating her to descend from her balcony and join him forever, this tune drives the pulse from the first note to the last.

No tune written in central Mississippi in 2011 captures these passionate Iberian emotions better than the tune we are about to play for you now.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy with us now David Miller’s fiery and fun Latin tune,  Spanish Serendade.

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