Solar Eclipse March


The first and only known march written to commemorate a total Solar Eclipse, this march was performed by eight community bands across the U.S. and Canada within a week of the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

This delightful march has won the smiles and thumbs-up from all bands that play it and all audiences that hear it.

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On August 21, 2017, all of North America was treated to its first total solar eclipse since 1979 (touching only the Northwest United States and Canada), and the last one until 2024 (going from Mexico, from Texas to Maine, and into Canada's Maritime provinces). The path of totality in 2017 stretched from Oregon to South Carolina, but people as far away as Canada and Mexico were able to see 50-75% of the eclipse.

In an email conversation with the former director of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Community Band, the composer discovered that no march or other piece of music had been written to commemorate this or any other solar eclipse.

The composing muse immediately struck, and the result was this march, written and scored in a period of three days, printed and ready to play in six.

After offering this march to the band community, we wound up with eight bands across the U.S. and Canad scheduling this march to be performed in public within a week of the total solar eclipse of 2017.

Here's a video of the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band playing this march in our August 2017 concert:

Many bands played this march during the Solar Eclipse of 2017:

  • The Second Winds Community Band of McMinnville, OR
  • The Huntsville, Alabama Community Band (once DURING the actual eclipse!)
  • Centerville (OH) Community Band



You should add this tune as a delightful concert opening march for your next concert.

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