AFS #02 – The Seafarers


The second volume in the famous American Frontier Suites series, this medley brings you five tunes popular in the United States during the early years of nationhood.


In this second volume of our AMERICAN FRONTIER SUITES series, we bring you five tunes popular in the early years of nationhood of the United States of America:

  • Sailing, SailingSailingShips200x134
  • Sailor’s Hornpipe
  • Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Navy Hymn)
  • Blow The Man Down
  • Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean

All of these tunes are still recognizable today, in the twenty-first century.


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This arrangement is rated “Medium Easy” or Grade III, but actually it is a Grade III plus, because of the woodwind parts in the “Sailors’ Hornpipipe.” It’s great fun to learn and play, but it will take even a good player some practice to get those parts down. The overall difficulty of the piece is enough to be challenging and interesting, but not quite enough to edge into Grade IV territory.

Here is the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band performing this suite in August 23, 2008.

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If you like, here are some program notes you can use:

In Volume 2 of his American Frontier Suites, The SEAFARERS, arranger David Miller brings us six tunes popular during the early years of America’s nationhood.

This suite spotlights five popular tunes from the early American seafaring years. In this suite, you will hear the melodies, Sailing, Sailing, The Sailor’s Hornpipe, The Navy Hymn, also called Eternal Father, Strong to Save, Blow the Man Down, and Columbia the Gem of the Ocean.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy with us now Volume 2 of David Miller’s American Frontier Suite series: THE SEAFARERS.

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