We printed a huge batch of charts for a trade show, and now we have TWENTY NINE of these printings left. These will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and are available at unprecedented prices through this one-time sale only. Each of these charts is available at the price indicated.


All charts on this page include a FULL SET of parts for concert (or jazz) band.  The price includes shipping and handling. Yes, it’s a great deal. We just need to clean out our inventory.
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The Association of Concert Bands March

This march was written in 2004 in honor of the Association of Concert Bands. It is a jaunty and delightful tune that a decent band ought to be able to play well after only a few rehearsals. This march has a few fun surprises and interesting harmonies. Grade 3. $10. Four copies available.

Downeaster March

Written as an entry in a composer’s contest while the author was living in Maine. This stirring march in the traditional style uses the theme of striking a chord a half-step below what’s expected on the downbeat, then sliding to the correct chord on the afterbeat. Very well-received by audiences. Grade 3+. $10. Two copies available.

Camp Town Bash

A wonderfully fun and funny arrangement of Stephen Foster’s Camptown Races, this piece makes an excellent showcase or finale for a concert. Originally written for Brass Quintet, this version has been rescored nicely for full band. Grade 4. $10. Three copies available.

The Harold B. Bachman March

A challenging (Grade 5) march well worthy of the founder of Bachman’s Million-Dollar Band, and a contemporary and competitor of John Philip Sousa. The unusual harmonies in this march perfectly complement the memorable melodies, and will be a delight for both your players and your audience. $10. Two copies available.

Lexington Processional

This march was written as a graduation processional for the Community College of the Air Force. It is still in use at dozens of military bases worldwide. This march makes an excellent processional for any occasion, and can be used as a feature number or as background music. Grade 3. $10. Two copies available.

The LIBERTY BELL March (Sousa/Miller)

One of Sousa’s most popular marches, arranged to include a LIBERTY BELL as a solo instrument. Many people have said this is the way it should have been written in the first place. An ideal feature for a guest soloist with your band. Grade 3+. $15. Two copies available.

A Patriot's Anthem

This gorgeously scored arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner features a soloist at first, and audience participation at the end. Really grabs the audience’s attention for the National Anthem.  This version is a must play for all your concerts! Grade 3+. $10. Two copies available.

The Star Spangled Banner Noblé

A mostly traditional arrangement of our National Anthem, this version has stirring movement in the low brass and some surprising but proper-feeling harmonies. Excellent for marching or for concerts. Many band directors have asked where they can get a copy. $10. Just one copy available.

Swingle Bells

A jazz arrangement of Jingle Bells, this is a wonderful “funky” arrangement. During the initial rehearsal of this piece at the U of Florida, we had just begun this piece when several of the music faculty came running into the room to see what this arrangement was and ask where we got it! You’ll love it, guaranteed! Grade 3. $10. Two copies available.


A contemporary and challenging concert march for full band, this tune is great fun for band members to learn, and delightful for audience listening. This is one of those rare pieces with which the more musically sophisticated your audience, the more they appreciate it. Grade 5+. $15. Just one copy available.

Touching Basses March

This new-in-2005 tune finally gives the melody to all those dedicated musicians who have provided the harmonic foundation for all the other music we play! A great FUN-to-play tune, and extra fun for the low brass & WW! If you’ve ever wanted a tune that features your low instruments, this is IT! Grade 3+. $10. Four copies available.


Written as a signature piece for the Mississippi Swing! Big Band, this popular and in-demand tune is named for the once elegant, then abandoned, and now renovated King Edward Hotel in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.. $15. Only one copy available.


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