for Marching Band
arranged by David P. Miller

"Available for RECORDING Performances Only"

DUE TO COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS this work is not available for sale for any performance except a performance whose primary purpose is making a recording, for which you will also pay the statutory compulsory licensing fees in accordance with U.S. Code Title 17. In the instance of playing to make a recording, this licensing fee (also called a Mechanical Rights License) also grants you "Permission to arrange" the number for purposes of recording it. In this instance, you may hire us to provide you with this arrangement.  

An ideal piece for a lead feature on your recording, this arrangment was especially scored to be playable in any venue. Uses a full percussion pit, including ship's bell and timpani, there are many section features for horns/saxes, upper woodwinds, trumpets, low brass, and percussion, and there's an absolutely gorgeous duet for trumpet and trombone. The duration of this piece is 4:12, and will be an impressive feature to both players and those who hear your recording.

The price of this piece is $49.97 for the full band version. It comes with a full score and all parts in PDF format, so you can make as many copies of each as you wish.

Please see our duplication policy on our Copyright Page.

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