What it's okay and not okay to do

The Law: According to the copyright act of 1976 (as finalized in 1978), any created work is automatically copyrighted by the author from the moment of creation for the duration of the author's life plus seventy years, unless that work was done for hire. If you want to know more, please consult an attorney, or read the copyright law for yourself. Please also see this page.

Fair Use: There are as many interpretations of "Fair Use" as there are people to interpret it. Since I own the copyrights to most (if not all) of the material on this site, here is my interpretation of it. Stay within these boundaries and we'll be okay.


We want you to treat these electronic products like you would (should) treat paper products. Whether you have purchased an ebook, some music, some artwork, a cartoon, or any other digital product, if you have bought it, you can treat it like you bought it on paper.

Making Copies: This means you may print it and make copies for your personal use. (For music, click here.) You may not make copies, either digitally or on paper, to sell or give away. You may not post the work or any part of it on the internet. If someone else wants it, let them get their own copy.

You are free to give away or sell the product you bought, just like it was on paper, but here's the kicker -- if you give it away or sell it, then you must delete your copy of it. That's only fair.

If you gave away or sold a paper book or sheet music, then you wouldn't have your copy any more. Let's treat these products the same way.

If you'd like to request any other use of the products, just email us and we can chat.


Unfortunately, there will be some people without integrity who steal these products. If we didn't have these people we wouldn't need laws. Please don't be one of them.

Once you purchase one of our digital products, please act with it as you would have others act with your own (or your children's) creations.

Observe the copyrights. Don't make illegal copies. Encourage others to do the same.

We'll all be better off for it.  Thanks.

Special Music Copying Rules

When you purchase sheet music from, we expect you to make as many copies as you need and no more.


When you purchase music for full band, you'll get the electronic version of parts for every intstrument. If you have 23 clarinets, then feel free to make 23 or 25 clarinet parts. If someone spills coffee or smears peanut butter all over most of the parts you've printed, then just throw them away and print more. No problem.

Please DO NOT print out parts to give to another band. Let them buy their own copy -- it's really not that expensive, and it's the right thing to do.

If you buy music for Brass Quintet or Chorus, print as many as you need, and please make an effort to get the parts back when you're finished with it. 

The Bottom Line:

Just use good judgement, be ethical, and respect the copyright on this music just as you would want others to respect the copyrights of things you or your children have created.




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