for Full Concert Band
by David P. Miller

"Be One of the FIRST to Play This March, and Support the ACB!"

In February 2004, three of us started the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band. In April of that year, the MCSB director attended his first convention of the Association of Concert Bands. 

What a great organization that is! David Miller learned so much from meeting with fellow bandsmen and from attending the seminars, he determined to do something for the ACB. 

This march is the result. Written during late 2004 and early 2005, this march had its premiere performance with the MCSB on February 28, 2005.

After a "spreading" introduction (the band starting on one note, "spreading" up and down), the first strain is a jaunty melody reminiscent of war movie ditties, played mostly by flutes, bassoons, and bass clarinets. The first strain then repeats with full band. The second strain calms down a bit, and the horns will love the featured countermelody in the trio. A nice, angry-sounding dogfight strain is surprisingly easy to play, and the final time through the trio is tutti all the way, folks, right up to the rousing ending!

Overall, it's a moderate Grade 3 march, one that sounds good but is pretty easy for a decent band to put together with just a few rehearsals, but it's a delightful number that will please players and audiences alike.

This is an excellent number to add to any repertoire - and note below that your purchase of it helps to support the Association of Concert Bands. (See the ACB Website here.) 

The price of this piece is $49.97 for the full band version. 

If you or your band is a member of the Association of Concert Bands, the price is only $40. (Yes, we will check the membership directory if you claim the discount.) To join the ACB, please see

NOTE: $10.00 from each sale of this march 
will be donated to the Association of Concert Bands! 

So your purchase of this march will help support the ACB! Your purchase comes with a full score, a condensed score, and all parts in PDF format, and permission to make as many copies of each as you wish for your band.

Please see our duplication policy on our Copyright Page.

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I hope you have as much fun with this piece as I have.


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