for Full Concert Band
by David P. Miller

"Be One of the FIRST to Play This March, and Give Your Bass Line Players The Recognition They Deserve!"

It happened in the shower. 

In May 2005 I was taking a shower and thinking what wonderful, dedicated musicians we have in those folks that always play the bass lines. The tubas, the bari saxes, the bassoons, the bass clarinets ... those folks are always there doing their parts, yet so rarely do they get to have any "fun" - so rarely do they get the melody!

I began to think of what tunes there are in the repertoire that feature the bass players, and I ran the list of them in my head. You know what they are (probably), but I won't mention them here because I don't want to denigrate any of them. They're fine tunes - but somehow they just didn't seem to suit what I was looking for. What I was looking for was something like ... like this! And an obviously bass-line feature tune began in my head.

This march is the result. Written in June 2005, this march had its premiere performance with the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band on August 6, 2005, with great feedback from the audience and the players! 

Click here to View/Download the entire tuba part! (PDF, 191k)

There is a terrific horn part as well, with a G-to-G rip at the end of the intro, and a great countermelody in the first strain. Interestingly, the trumpets don't get to play the melody until the dogfight strain, and the second time through the trio. They may complain about this, but don't feel sorry for them - they get the melody in most every other tune! The first strain and trio of the march are played with a quiet accompaniment the first time through and tutti ff the second. The first time through the trio, the piccolo solo duplicates the bass line for a delightful contrasting touch. 

Overall, it's a high Grade 3 march, one that sounds good but is pretty easy for a decent band to put together with just a few rehearsals. The bass lines - the MELODY! - will need a bit of practice for those who get to play it, but overall it's a delightful number that will please players and audiences alike.

(Program note:) This tune is written in honor of those dedicated musicians who provide the harmonic foundation for most of the music we play - those who play the bass lines! The tubas, the baritone saxophones, the bassoons, the bass clarinets -- this one's for you! Enjoy having the melody for a change!

This is an excellent number to add to any repertoire. The price of this piece is $49.97 for the full band version, including full and condensed score, all in PDF format, so you can print as many parts for each instrument as you need for your group. 

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I hope you have as much fun with this piece as I have.


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