for Stage Band (Swing Band, Jazz Band, "Big Band")
by David P. Miller

"Get Your Audience AND Your Band Jumpin'!!"

(Note: We should have a sound file available here soon!)

The King Edward Hotel, in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, is an icon of a bygone era. Back in the days of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, the King Edward was posh and elegant. It was the place to go in Mississippi for any event of any prestige at all.

A local percussionist, long retired, says his mother told him that when she graduated from high school, the King Edward was the only place to consider having a high school graduation and party.

Alas, the King Edward is elegant no more. 

It is abandoned and derelict. Although boarded up and fenced, it is frequently broken into and used as a drug den or flop house for the homeless, and more than once the fire department has been called to extinguish a campfire in the once grand lobby or ballroom.

There have been several groups of investors over the years who thought they'd like to renovate the King Edward and bring it back to its former glory. But somehow their plans have always fallen through. 

The King Edward Stomp was written to be a signature piece for the Mississippi Community Swing Band (a subordinate group of the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band), and to call attention to the King Edward Hotel, so that public opinion, governmental mandate, and investor motivation might all be swayed to finally renovating this grand old edifice, so that once again, the city of Jackson can have an elegant landmark hotel to be proud of.

The tune had its premiere performance in concert on October 3, 2005, to raves from both the audience and the band. It's an upbeat, blues-format, swingin' stomp that offers solo features to trombone, alto sax, and trumpet. After each solo, there is a six-bar bridge section to allow for audience applause before the tune proper resumes.

All in all, it's a terrific get-'em-out-of-their seats party tune, one that both your band and your audience will love! An excellent number to add to any repertoire. 

The price of this piece is $44.97 for the full stage band version, including condensed score, all in PDF format, so you can print as many parts for each instrument as you need for your group. 

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I hope you have as much fun with this piece as we have.


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