for Various Instruments
by David P. Miller



These thirty etudes are outstanding studies of the jazz idiom. They are ideal training for musicians of all levels, whether just getting started in jazz, or already experienced.

I wrote these studies because I'd never seen jazz etudes before, and I needed them to train my school's jazz band musicians. They worked out much better than I expected. The students loved them! They wound up memorizing their favorites, playing them over and over again.

The good thing about these etudes is that each one is an actual tune, not just some boring over-and-over again exercise. Even though the etudes make great musical sense, they also each focus on a certain area of the jazz idiom, helping the students learn feeling, expression, swing, syncopation, upbeat accents, and how to become comfortable reading music that's written in the jazz style.


You can purchase a part for any instrument. Parts are available in the following transpositions:

  • C part, high (for flutes, piccolo, violins, etc.)

  • C part, low (for oboes, keyboard percussion, etc.)

  • B-flat part (for trumpet, tenor sax, etc.)

  • E-flat part (for alto saxophone, alto clarinet, etc.)

  • F part (for Horns, mellophones, etc.)

  • Bass Clef part, high (for trombone, baritone, cello, etc.)

  • Bass Clef part, low (for tuba, contrabass, etc.)

If you need another transposition, just ask.


These parts can be practiced and played solo or together as an ensemble.

People usually don't like etudes or musical studies. They do them reluctantly, like lifting weights. But believe me, everyone loves to play these etudes. I brought them to a rehearsal of a Brass Quintet comprised of three band directors, a doctor, and an intelligence analyst -- they couldn't get enough! They wanted to play them at every rehearsal.


I guarantee you'll love 'em too. If you don't, just let me know within 30 days and I'll give you your money back.


Preview the first etude of the series right here in your browser. View the etude in B-flat here, or view the etude in bass clef (low) here.

The price for Thirty Jazz Etudes is $29.97 for each part, in PDF format, so you can make as many copies of each as you wish.

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