Irving Berlin's

For Men's Quartet (TTBB) 

This powerful arrangement is scored specifically to take advantage of the power of men's voices.

For men's choirs with a powerful bass section, one that has an excellent low range, get the version of this tune in G. If your bass section needs less of a low range challenge, then get the version in B-flat.

Either version will awe your audience and singers alike, and bring the full majesty and glory of Irving Berlin's famous song out for all to enjoy!

The price for this arrangement is ****NOT AVAILABLE*** for sale to be used in any performance - EXCEPT if the primary purpose of this performance is MAKING A RECORDING, for which you will pay the statutory compulsory license fee, in accordance with U.S. Code Title 17. If that is the case, your licensing fee includes "Permission to arrange" for that recording only, and you may hire us to furnish you with that arrangement.

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