for Various Instruments
by David P. Miller


"FINALLY! Enough sight-reading exercises to keep your whole group busy, and to help everyone improve their skills!"


Sight Reading is One of the Fundamental Necessary Skills!

One of the most neglected areas of personal musical development is Sight Reading! The only way to get better at sight reading is to do it -- a lot! Just like anything else, the more you do of it, the better you get at it.

One of the biggest drawbacks to doing a lot of sight reading -- the lack of good material -- is now solved! With David Miller's Sight Reading Exercises, you now have the material to do a LOT of sight reading, either alone or in a group.  

Each volume of these exercises contains thirty different exercises. There are three volumes at each level -- I through VI, corresponding with beginner through advanced -- for a total of eighteen volumes, for 540 different exercises!

Each exercise is a complete musical number, making musical sense in the genre as it's labeled.  Some might argue that any musical number in the twentieth century idiom doesn't make musical sense, but we even address that genre in the more advanced volumes.

Besides being useful as sight reading exercises, these studies are also ideal for working out specific focus areas. For example, if your group is having a problem with sforzandos, marcatos, or certain rhythmic figures, simply find the exercise that uses these items and use it as a development rehearsal tune. 

Available For Any Instrument!

You can purchase any volume at any level for any instrument. Parts are available in the following transpositions:

  • C part, high (for flutes, piccolo, violins, etc.)

  • C part, low (for oboes, keyboard percussion, etc.)

  • B-flat part (for trumpet, tenor sax, etc.)

  • E-flat part (for alto saxophone, alto clarinet, etc.)

  • F part (for Horns, mellophones, etc.)

  • Bass Clef part, high (for trombone, baritone, cello, etc.)

  • Bass Clef part, low (for tuba, contrabass, etc.)

If you need another transposition, just ask.

Playable Alone Or In A Group - Fun, Fun, Fun!

These parts can be practiced and played solo or together as an ensemble.

People usually don't like etudes or musical studies. They do them reluctantly, like lifting weights. But these are fun to play. Just pass out the parts, give them the downbeat, and watch them begin to enjoy sight reading!

Absolutely Guaranteed!

I guarantee you'll love 'em too. If you don't, just let me know within 30 days and I'll give you your money back.

Preview the first page of Level 1, Volume 1 of the series right here in your browser. Click here to view the page for B-flat instruments.

Download a PDF of the first page by clicking here.

The price for Sight Reading Exercises is $14.97 for each part. The parts are delivered in PDF format, so you can make as many copies of each as you wish, and never have to buy another copy.

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