for Full Concert Band
by David P. Miller

"Spice Up Your Concerts With The Downeaster March!"


This march was written as an entry in a USO March-writing contest about 1982, while the author was living in Maine.  

The name of the march comes from the pre-revolutionary war reference to Maine. To get to Maine from Boston, the principal port of the Colonies at the time, you had to go mostly east (not north, as most people believe), which was usually downwind. Hence, Maine was referred to as "downeast," and people from Maine were called "Downeasters." 

Even today, Amtrak has a train from Boston to Maine named "The Downeaster." 

Unfortunately, the USO contest required a recording of the march to accompany the entry, so they returned it unjudged. At the time, the author was living about two miles from the Canadian border, so there was little chance to organize a group to record the march.

But now it's been resurrected, and finally received its premiere performance by the Mississippi Community Concert Band on November 8, 2004.

This march will be a delightful addition to any concert. Band members and audience members alike will very much enjoy The Downeaster March.

The price of this piece is $49.97 for the full band version. It comes with a full score and all parts in PDF format, so you can make as many copies of each as you wish.

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I hope you have as much fun with this piece as I have.



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