The American Frontier Suites - Volume 2

for Full Concert/Symphonic Band
by David P. Miller

"Volume 2 of the American Frontier Suite Series"

The American Frontier Suite series came about as an idea resulting from collecting old music "that everyone knows." As the quantity of this music began to grow, it fell into fairly natural groupings, and as of this writing, in early 2008, there are some twenty suites planned for this series.

Volume 2 in this series covers seafaring tunes popular with Americans during the late 1700s and early 1800s. It includes these five tunes:

  • Sailing, Sailing -- This rollicking tune's roots are lost in history. Most sources list no composer of this tune, listing it as "Traditional".

  • The Sailor's Hornpipe  -- Another classic sailing tune known the world over, this tune presents a moderate challenge to your upper woodwind section, but is so much fun to play, it's worth the effort it takes to learn it.

  • Eternal Father, Strong To Save -- Also known as "The Navy Hymn," this beautiful tune was written by William Whiting and John Bacchus Dykes in 1860, and is the "newest" tune in this suite. It provides a gorgeous hymn-chorale change of pace for the middle of the medley. One verse of this hymn is played by a brass choir, and another verse is played by a woodwind choir

  • Blow The Man Down -- Another traditional tune from before 1800, the melody is instantly recognized by everyone, and has even been adapted for a popular kid's cartoon theme song.

  • Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean -- Dating from 1750, written by Thomas A Becket, this tune provides a glorious grandiose finish to the suite..

This piece has been carefully scored to be a challenging Grade 3, and would be another ideal piece for state contest lists.

It will also make an ideal easy-to-master showcase piece for your next concert.

The price of this piece is $85.00 for the full score and all instrumental parts, all in PDF format, so you can print as many parts for each instrument as you need for your group.

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