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Title Composer Arranger
A Patriot’s Anthem Traditional David P. Miller
Alamo March Will Huff (Henry Fillmore) David P. Miller
Bombasto March Orin R. Farrar (O.R. Farrar) David P. Miller
Camptown Bash David P. Miller (composer)
Christmas Magic Traditional David P. Miller
Downeaster March David P. Miller (composer)
Entry of the Gladiators / Thunder and Blazes Julius Fucik (composer)
Liberty Bell March Traditional David P. Miller
Marche Slav Peter Ilyich Tchaikowsky E. Fall
Star Wars Medley John Williams John Tatgenhorst
Strategic Air Command March Clifton Williams (composer)
The Billboard March (1901) John N. Klohr (composer)
The Sound of Music (Selections From…) Richard Rodgers Jim Christensen
The Stars and Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa (composer)